A Good Business Card

A professional business card effectively reflects the brand image of the company. This is the first element that prospects receive, so this is the first opportunity to make a strong and positive impression. That is why it is important to have high-quality printing of business cards. Customers and buyers will immediately discover a cheap card and damage the brand’s image.

It is better to hire a professional designer to create business cards.

The only exception to this rule is if the person who needs the cards has enough design skills to make them for himself. A professional designer should also develop other marketing guarantees and cargo insurance coverage. Attracting a designer to all these design tasks, the brand image will constantly go through several parts. This improves the professional aspect of the business.

Be careful when choosing the information that appears on the map. The name of the employee should be on the. The name of the company that uses the logo, phone number and email address must be indicated on the card. If there is space, add the physical address, fax number, and company website address. Do not spoil the design. A simple and clear map looks much better than a map full of information on product liability insurance hong kong.


Leave the back side empty or simply place non-critical information on the back side. People usually don’t see the back of a business card. Traditional card storage modes suggest that the back side is empty. If there is a message on the back, turn it into something that is only additional information, for example, the motto of the company. Business cards should promote brand identity, but not advertise.

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