Have Fun at Repulse Bay

Want to get far away from hustle & bustle of a city centre, why not go to revamped beachside ‘Repulse Bay? With Hong Kong’s popular beaches, Repulse Bay is now becoming our best go-to destination. It is simple to reach, and has many new restaurants and shops of cocktails Repulse Bay and everything is some steps away from this beach! No matter whether it is named after British navy pirates occupying this bay or HMS Repulse, it is definitely worth to check out for the lazy and relaxing weekend.

Enjoying Your Time in Hong Kong

There’re many restaurants coming up at Repulse Bay, and obviously lots of beachside vendors if you want a bag of ice-cream or crisps to fill the hole. We have selected our favourite places for filling our stomachs, however, keep coming back to Bay and check out for some new openings! You can find unique beach Barbeque menu and cool cocktails and what you would like to have on the warm and sunny day. Restaurant at https://www.limewood.hk/location consists of the rustic looking bar, and the best place to go for a drink and snack. But, if you are looking for the sit down dinner, then Limewood’s has the best and large dining area that faces the Repulse bay sitting some feet away from the sand.


Thus, here you will find some of the best restaurants that serve cocktails and other BBQ items and that also at a very good price. You would definitely want to come here again and again and have a good time.

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