How to Get Started at Baseball for Rookies

Baseball is one of the most favorite pastimes of North Americans, Japanese and Koreans. Somehow there is an appeal to hitting the ball and running towards the bases against pitchers, catchers, basemen, and fielders without getting tagged.

If you enjoy the game so much, why not get out there and experience it firsthand? It is time that you immerse yourself with the game. In the end, this can help you understand everything. Here’s how to get started at baseball:

Gather things you need

The good thing about playing baseball is you only need a couple of things. The first thing you need is a partner. After finding a partner, you should secure a baseball glove, bat, ball, and field.

Learn how to throw the ball

As soon as you gather all the things you need, you should start working on your throw. Before anything, you should stretch a little then try to throw the ball to your partner. When throwing, try not to do it sidearm or under the hand. Your distance to your partner should be at least 10-15 feet then try to throw with only your wrist.

Learn how to catch the ball

When it comes to catching the ball, you should learn how to maximize your glove. Experts recommend that you catch the ball in the glove’s web not its pocket. More importantly, remember to catch the ball with two hands – one hand in the glove then the other covering it.


Catching pop-ups is by far the most challenging part but you should not be too hard on yourself. With practice, you will get better. When catching pop-ups, the trick is stepping back in the direction of the ball to help you jump.

Practice hitting the ball

The next thing you should practice is hitting the ball. For a beginner, hitting is the most challenging part of learning the game but the key here is not being discouraged. You can start by throwing the ball and hitting it. As you get better, you can ask your partner to throw it to you. It will help if you find the right baseball bat.

Final thoughts

You should invest in the experience. To make things more enjoyable, you can have a playful banter through 먹튀검증 with your friends. At the end of the day, you have something to brag about and more importantly, it will make you healthier.

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