Assisting in predicting your winning lottery numbers prior to their draw is perhaps the most important topic for our discussion today. We were all born with the ability to see with our mind, and not just with our physical eyes. You can find examples in blind people. I know a blind person who was born blind and therefore has never seen color and still makes excellent color images. This ability is a special form of intuition combined with the mental ability to imagine.

But in our real time and in modern society, we were all taught to be only rational. My father, let him rest in peace, always told me: “Believe only what you see with your own eyes.” Then it happened that our wonderful and natural abilities remained undeveloped. However, some people have moments of “eruption” of this ability. This happens from time to time and spontaneously, or when they want and expect a lot, or they want it intensely, or even when they need to do it sometimes. , Other people learn to develop it again with their profession. See, for example, military spectators or commercial espionage agents. But there are more good reasons to learn how to use this innate ability.

This ability of our mind to see things from a distance is called remote viewing

This is, of course, a fundamental skill that you can learn to develop and use to predict lotto numbers. But this is due to other things that you should learn, and I will explain why. The numbers in general and the lottery numbers in particular do not have enough energy to impress and excite your mind. And then there is a method called associative remote viewing, in which you associate an interesting object with each number of your lottery system. Say, in your system of 40 numbers, you need to find 40 objects ranging in size from a matchbox to the size of a book. You will learn to see and describe the object, and its number will become a winning number.

But the problem is that you are personally forbidden to see any of these objects. This is a taboo. And then you need another person to prepare these things and ask you good questions, to stimulate your mind, to see all the amazing details. He performs these sessions three times a week, and after 21 sessions he begins to correctly predict his lottery numbers.

There is a special visualization technique that you need to master before the technique described above. I’m sure you want to ask me what is the degree of confidence in this. Well, it depends on you and how much you want it, but overall, in my experience, it is above 95%.

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