Lower School – The Best Place For The Kids To Learn

Lower school means primary school, providing education to first 3-5 graders, including lower kindergarten kids. At lower school, the kids are taught high-quality education and activities which develop the skills and knowledge of the outer world too.

Why Is The Lower School Necessary For Kids?

Lower School is necessary for students of lower age. It can bring a lot of benefits to the students, which will come into use in their life. The necessities of attending lower school are

  • Students start understanding and capturing minute things in their surrounding
  • It’s a peak time when their sense start growing
  • Whatever they learn at a lower age, they try to apply it in the future
  • They get to know the basic academic and interpersonal skills
  • They can gain confidence learn how to adjust to the surrounding
  • They learn how to meet and greet with their friends, family, and other elders
  • They will slowly start having the skill to read, write and pronounce the words properly, to have a social interaction

What Are The Subjects Taught At Lower School? 

The subjects are not similar to those taught in high school. There are many basic subjects taught at an early age like

  • Language – how to speak a particular language
  • Reading – how to read alphabets and words
  • Writing – how to write the learned alphabets and words
  • Social studies
  • Picture study – a picture book will be provided, and the students have to do the right guess
  • Arts
  • Basic mathematics – basic calculations and simple problems
  • Science
  • Learning how to form meaningful small and big sentences to communicate

What Are The Extra-Curricular Activities Given?

Extra-Curricular activities are always offered to the students like

  • Singing
  • Play small musical instruments
  • Dance
  • Guess games
  • Drawing
  • Sports
  • Foreign language
  • Reading out poems and stories
  • Writing letters so that the students communicate with each other through those letters
  • Learn new words and know their meaning
  • Write short essays

This education and extra-curricular activities will make the students more skilful and knowledgeable in many sectors. They will become confident and will be able to understand small things quickly.

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