When it comes to the issue of money transfer, it is always a hard choice to make for some people due to previous experience of some shortcomings like stress, delay, trust and sometimes loss of the money. So some people tend to avoid money transfer to ease themselves off the stress.

Not to worry anymore, technology got you covered. Modern technology has increased greatly over the years making money transfer especially online services easy, fast and trusted.  These online services provide 100% satisfaction to customers and enable you to send money to anyone anywhere in the world. The choice of money transfer service to use is a very easy choice to make depending on your location and how important the transfer is.

Factors to consider when choosing money transfer services

  • The speed of the service. How soon and how fast does it take for this service to complete a transaction is an important factor to consider.
  • Their network coverage. Not all these services are authorised in every country, so you must find out if they can cover the distance required.
  • Type of transaction they support. Some services are best for small cash transfers while some allow you to make large transactions. Some of these services are experts when it comes to using their service for business and personal use (like worldremit service, western union, and OFX) while some are only best for personal use and low transactions.
  • Their exchange rate. Each country has its exchange rate for money with other countries e.g pounds to dollars, therefore they must be considered when sending money abroad

choosing money transfer

Below are the trusted and competent online services that you can use for money transfer

  1. WorldRemit service: their features are
  • They make it easy to transfer money over a large distance due to their large network coverage. And there is no limit to how much you can send via this service.
  • Their service is the best when it comes to instant money transfer. Over 90% of their transfer takes less than a minute to complete a transaction which is considerably faster than some services that take up to 5days for completion.
  • They provide the best customer support service. Their 24/7 customer service makes them stand out amongst others. When in doubt about a transaction or you want to know more about their service, they are readily available to serve you.

You can also check worldremit contact and reviews here for more information about their service, reliability, and competency.

  1. OFX service: features are:
  • Allows transfer of any amount of money
  • Covers a large distance for money transfer
  • Provides a lower exchange rate than that of banks
  1. Western Union Service: This is a popular money transfer service that runs across the globe providing 100% satisfaction to its customers. Features are
  • It is easily accessible. They have a wide area coverage, this enables customers to easily and conveniently send money anywhere anytime to anyone.
  • There are no limits to how much you can transfer via this service
  • Standby support service. They are always available to provide support for customers in doubt or stranded.
  1. Transferwise service: features include

Online transparency. They make it easy for you to check their rates for a different transaction. Here you can find out if their rate corresponds to the amount you want to transfer.

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