Learning disabilities includes disorders such as dyslexia, attention-deficit, hyperactivity disorder and autism. These special kids require unique techniques to make them understand curriculum and other cognitive skills. These kids have separate schools so that they don’t feel left out or different and weak from regular students. These kids require special care and extra attention.


There are few support options in learning disabilities singapore special schools where includes some different technique to encourage and bring best of versions of kids. It is every kid right to feel valued for such carethese school recruit experienced staff where they help them in behaviouraltherapy, social skills, speech and occupational therapy.

School staff should have regular extensive counseling sessions to keep motivating and should aim to support each and every kid to know potential. Also push them where the kids are lagging and should support them to master at their talent or skill.

Singapore provides a variety important student service to achieve their educational goals. These facilities includes discipline, counselors, speech and language therapists, psychologists , occupational advisors. Staff works with them to benefit every kid in their particular domains

  • Self regulation & self awareness
  • Higher order and cognitive skills
  • Academic competence
  • Relationship development

Making kids confident and building their strength to known there capabilities to achieve their goals to make their dreams come true constant analysis of growth is essential to help or improve the kid. Working closely and been with kids in activities can reduce fear inside them.

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