Wearing nose jewelry can be an addition to someone’s face. Nose rings are mainly one of the most popular forms of body piercing. In some parts of the world women mainly wear nose rings for aesthetic as well as symbolic purposes. Nose piercing is now becoming a popular trend. Some of the important facts about nostril jewelry have been discussed in this article.

Different types of nose jewelry to know about

Below are some of the different types of nose jewelry:

  1. The traditional ring: This is the common type of nose jewelry. This is mainly designed to be a long, seamless hoop that mainly fits into the hole and this is held in place.
  2. A curved barbell, otherwise known as the banana bars or the bent barbells. This is another variation of the nose ring. This is mainly perfect for septum piercings.  This can also be threaded through the hole by unscrewing the ball edges.
  3. A captive bead or the fixed bead ring is the mixture of the traditional ring as well as the barbell. These items are popular but complicated to remove.

  1. Nose bone is the small straight bar that can slide into a nose piercing easily. This is the smallest nose jewelry among other jewelry types.
  2. This jewelry is the straight post having an L-shaped bend. This is mainly used to keep the jewelry from sliding out of the piercing. The bend can have an average angle from 45 to 90 degrees.

Benefits of wearing the nose jewelry

Below are some of the important benefits of wearing nose jewelry:

  1. The nose rings can be helpful in curing some respiratory issues. The smaller nose pins can be helpful in this matter.
  2. Nose piercing can help in regulating female vitality. This can also help in reducing the process of childbirth.
  3. Nose piercing can help in better mental health and mainly helps in bringing peace of mind. Nose piercing mainly helps in regulating the wavelength of the brain which results in easier handling of mental health as well as stability.

These are some of the important facts to know about nostril jewelry.










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