Things new parents need to know about changing table

There’s no denial in accepting that new parents spend their maximum time near the changing table, as on average a baby’s diaper is changed around 6000 times till the baby hits 2. So it becomes parents’ responsibility to ensure that changing table set up should be a safe place to keep baby while changing a diaper and for parents as well.

Need for changing table                                                                                                                                           

 A changing table is a dedicated safe place to change a baby’s diaper, it has designated space for each necessary item like – diapers, diaper’s rash cream, wet wipes, and dry wipes, etc. needed at the time of changing a baby’s diaper, changing table set up comes handy for mothers who are recovering from the weakness of giving birth.

Important add on with changing table:-

Diaper/ trash bin                                                                                                                                                          changing table is a dedicated area for changing diapers, so to have a diaper bin next to changing table becomes a mandatory thing. As the baby grows up, the height of the diaper pile tends to grow higher, so it’s favorable to have it.

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Changing pad is a firm foam that can be placed on top of the changing table, and also can be used to turn any flat and suitable surface into changing board.

 Safety straps leaving a baby alone on a changing table is a very risky idea, as babies have this tendency of rolling down anywhere they feel like and grab everything in front of their eyes, so using a safety strap reduces the risk of the baby falling.

Cushions/ pillows cushions and pillows, if placed aside at the corner or edge of the changing table can work as a borderline to stop babies to move around the changing table.

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