Top Six Geometric Illustration Tutorials

The geometric illustration is also known as vector art is an important skill to add to your creative resume, it will take your skills as a designer to the next level. Geometric drawing is more of a technique than a style and can be created with help of software such as Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This software help with the creation of vector designs as they have special vector tools as well.

If you have always found the art of geometric illustration really interesting and want to try your hand at it as well, then the following tutorials are perfect for you to begin with and if you want more information you can visit us for geometric illustration tutorials:

  1. Learn Vector illustration in 10 easy steps:

In this tutorial, your guide Ben, will offer you guide and tips on how you can create geometric illustrations by using Adobe Illustrator, and the tools you can use efficiently use to create a beautiful vector diagram.

  1. Beginner’s guide to Vector Drawing:

In this tutorial you will learn the workflows, tools, and terms you will need to know before getting started on a vector illustration. This course will teach you the difference between pixels based and vector-based art along with many other terms as well.

  1. A guide to the pen tool:

Before you embark on your geometric illustration journey, it is very important that you have complete control over the pen tool. This tutorial will teach you the shortcuts and various methods you can use to master the pen.

  1. Create colorful vector art:

This tutorial will teach you how to covert hand drawing into digital art with the help of the vector tool. You will learn how to adjust the scale of your characters along with the appropriate color gradation and depth techniques.

  1. Vector silhouettes for beginners:

This class is aimed specifically at beginners and teaches them how to create beautiful illustrations by just using the vector tool and not the pen tool. You will be assigned two vector artworks, through these pieces you will learn the various methods and the process that goes into silhouette vector art.

  1. Vector drawing with a tablet:

If you are a designer who is keen to draw vector graphics and wants to ditch the mouse for a tablet, then this tutorial is perfect for you. This class is perfect for beginners and will walk you through on how to use a tablet and a stylus effortlessly.


Hopefully, the tutorial mentioned in the above list will help you embark on the journey of geometric illustration if you still want to explore more classes that will be better suited to your needs then, visit us for geometric illustration tutorials.

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