What is the appendix? What are the consequences of eliminating it?

The appendix is a tiny worm-like appendage that is connected to the colon, the functions of this appendix in the human body are not clearly known so removing this portion of the colon does not lead to any long term health related issue however, it is been discovered that those patients that had the appendix removed have noticed a small increase in diseases. The most frequent cause for complication following an appendectomy is the infection of the wound, this disease is associated with the surgical incision as opposed to the actual process done to the appendix, they ailments may differ from mild to moderate quantity of redness around the region that was treated, and in these cases small infections can be treated with antibiotics.

laparoscopic surgery

Sometimes the surgeon would not attempt to close the wound that was made so as to get to the appendix treatment in Singapore due to the fact that occasionally the appendix might be severely infected in addition to the incision generated, if that is the case the surgeon will wait for many days before the infection subsides and the one can be shut normally without being concerned about any additional complication which might result from an illness.

So as to lower the chance of disease during an appendectomy the surgeon can execute a laparoscopic surgery that is essentially a surgery with a thin telescope that carries a camera and is connected to a monitor, this way the surgeon can inspect the region internally and will also have the ability to correctly find the air which has to be treated and determined if there are any infections or abscesses which will need to be drained.

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