What are the Types of Vinyl Flooring Available?

The floor is the first thing that anyone notices when entering a room. It is an involuntary action, but floors make the first impression on anyone. Floors set or spoil the mood of the room. Make sure it isn’t too loud or too dull. Keep it subtle and make a statement. Also, choose the floor that complements the furniture and the walls.

Now, the floors have various options and patterns to work with. The materials are tiles, wood, concrete, marble, and vinyl. Out of these, Vinyl flooring is budget-friendly and mimics the looks of all other flooring materials. It can look like tiled floors, marbles, and hardwood at a better price and offer high durability and low maintenance. Find the types of best vinyl plank flooring in Carroll, IA.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

There are three types of vinyl flooring. They are

  • Vinyl Flooring Tile
  • Vinyl flooring planks
  • Sheet Vinyl

Vinyl Flooring Tile

This kind of Vinyl tile is smaller and is mostly in squares. This kind is best for replicating porcelain, tile, and marble flooring patterns. It is easy to install tiles as it is accommodative for all types of flooring. It comes in two variants- floating and glue-down. Unlike ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring is resistant to stains and unharmed by solid chemicals. They are also easy to clean and do not have grooves in-between the tiles.

Vinyl Flooring Panels

Vinyl flooring in narrow rectangular pieces is called panels. They replicate the wood panel model the best. These have a thick Vinyl layer and are easy to install in corners of the house. These are better substitutes for wood in places that are prone to spills, like the kitchen, laundry room, and the basement.

Sheet Vinyl

This is cheaper than the other two variants and is more durable and waterproof. Previously sheet vinyl didn’t have so many patterns and looks. But now, with the help of technology, they easily imitate authentic wooden flooring and tiled floors.


You can choose from these three variants based on your needs and the style of your home. They are all durable, budget-friendly, and maintenance-free. Vinyl flooring is an excellent way to upgrade your home and is helpful if you are someone who keeps changing the style of your room.

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